The Nigerian Government has unveiled the webpage of the National GeoData Centre to enable easy access to geoscientific information for those willing to enter the Nigerian Mining sector. The web page of the GeoData Centre (GDC) for Nigeria, the authoritative repository of Nigerian geoscientific data, is the responsibility of the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development and administered by the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA) and the National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency (NSRMEA). 

Located at the NGSA office in Abuja, and digitally accessible from the NGSA and NSRMEA offices in Kaduna, the GDC hosts geoscientific data and information for the country. The GDC is the means by which the Ministry is organising and safeguarding its documents and digital data in a systematic and accessible manner. 

You can search our data holdings by visiting the GeoNetwork.

What is the National GeoData Centre?

The GeoData Centre is responsible for collecting and preserving geoscientific data and information on Nigeria, making them available for the long-term to a wide range of users and communities. The targeted communities of the GDC are miners, geoscientists, local and international investors, academics and researchers. The GDC is responsible for managing valuable geoscience-related information and datasets, covering many geological disciplines, including mineral exploration, resources management, aeromagnetic, geochemical, geological maps and others.

What can the National GeoData Centre do for you?

The vision of the National Geodata Centre is to support the development of future mineral exploration and geological research, adding value to existing knowledge and data assets. The GDC will assist depositors with appraising and selecting data for long-term storage. This is to ensure that only data in the scope of the GDC is considered for long-term preservation and therefore selected for storage, and that those data are accompanied with all the required metadata and other documentation to enable future users to understand and interpret the data. As such, the GDC provides a secure location to store fieldwork, investigation results, geological mapping data and much more.


If you wish to access/deposit data please contact the GeoData Centre via NGSA or NSRMEA